Blade Runner 2049

Film director James Cameron gives the lie to the modern assertion that the bigger the film budget, the worse the storytelling. Most other big budget movies confirm or suggest that this is all too true, however I watched Blade Runner 2049 last week. It was immediately obvious why the film underperformed at the box office. A convoluted and confusing plot is only part of the reason. The pace was self-indulgently slow. A hard to understand plot plus sloth-like pacing asks too much of an audience. Throw in the problems with character, character arc and the fact that the original Blade Runner pre-dates most Millennials, and you begin to see why this film lost its investors’ money. Perhaps Blade Ru


The International Screenwriters' Association remains a useful resource for film makers, screenwriters and film script consultants at all stages of their careers. Check it out at A good article on the website about the film GRAVITY by some bloke called Nick Green, too. . .

Creative England

'Creative England is committed to supporting and developing film making talent across England, with a particular emphasis on the English regions.' Read more about this excellent initiative for emerging screenwriters and film makers at:

The BAFTAS 2018

Screendaily goes into detail about this year's BAFTA nominations. . . 'For the producers, directors and writers nominated for best British début at the Baftas, success has come after years of graft in a variety of creative fields.' The 'years of graft' bit is worth bearing in mind for new screenwriters and film makers. It don't come easy.

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