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Professional ghostwriting services

I'm also a professional fiction and non-fiction ghostwriter. I have been hired to ghost write English language text of all kinds - everything from technical documents through to novels and treatments. I have also written extensive prose myself, and am published.

If you hire me to ghost write for you, I will of course provide relevant written portfolio to adduce my skills as a fiction or non-fiction ghost writer. Hire me to ghost write your text and I will make your words shine. According to your brief, I can make the text more concise, more lyrical, more information rich, or written in a certain style that pertains to a time and place. Perhaps you are interested in creating a historical verbal style. That's fine. I can turn your existing text into a manuscript that is time and place specific.

I can also write a manuscript from scratch from an idea that your have or from an outline for you. A contract will always be in place that details copyright assignation to the finished manuscript to you, so there are no complications later. Just ask to find out more.

Everything I write or ghost write for you will be professionally proof-read by me; so you will be able to send your text out to publishers or literary agents, confident of the syntax.

Please get in touch to find out more about my profession ghostwriting services.

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