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Rumour has it. . .


"Nick is that uncommon beast: a script analyst who's also a highly accomplished and gifted screenwriter in his own right. This combination is crucial, as it enables Nick to identify that rare script which does possess that special something, has a real writer behind it, and which, with his guidance, can be shaped into a viable commercial entity worthy of being put into production."


- Nick Taussig - Embankment Films


“Nick's script coverage is a useful blend of insight and objectivity. An experienced screenwriter himself, he has the ability to identify issues with screenplays instinctively. Of value is that he reads scripts from a film investor point of view, namely: how will a screenplay leverage the film market and turn a profit once it has been produced, and if it won't, why not? He always finds constructive ways to improve scripts, too, which is a benefit to screenwriters and producers alike.” 

Ian Franses - Peacock Film Finance

“Nick’s notes were invaluable. His instinct for storytelling, what works and what doesn’t, the marketplace and the business, is excellent. I recommend his services without reservation”

- Michael Riley - Sterling Pictures

'I've been working with Nick on a dark comedy and a documentary series recently. Soon we'll be working on a psychological thriller - our third project together in 18 months. I can highly recommend Nick for his vision, inspiration, and overall contribution to the creative and factual writing process'.

- Charles Delaney, Executive Producer, Flat-TWELVE Productions

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone looking for an honest and intelligent screenwriter who is prepared to work hard to achieve excellence."


- Amy J Moore - co producer, Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency“

"It was great working with Nick on our project! He applied himself entirely to achieve a deep understanding our concept. He  undertook extensive independent research to make our show legally realistic and dramatically powerful. While working with him, we formed a great bond with him. His determination was commendable. He reassured us and worked closely with us to refine and fulfil the potential of our concept. He clearly loves his job. We’ll be working again with Nick asap, and wish him luck for the future."

Simran Madaan – Pi Productions, Dubai


“Nick has been helping us with a very early stage project and has given us a thorough and practical initial view of the project. He has also come up with several fresh ideas which we shall be taking on board. We look forward to working with him further as this project is developed.”


- Keith Evans - Baker Street Media



"Nick's script coverage is both insightful and creative. He is incisive but not unduly harsh or abrasive as many other coverage writers can be. I would not hesitate to ask his opinion on any of my future projects."


- Shani Grewal - Balhar Films

"Nick's command of both story and structure are exceptional, his feedback profoundly insightful, and his criticism truly constructive.  If you want to shine a light on your project to expose where it might be improved, Nick is an invaluable resource.  I highly recommend his services."  


- Ian Whitney - screenwriter (Gold - International Independent Film Awards; Semi-Finalist - Vail Screenplay Contest; 2nd Place - Colorado International Film Festival)


"Nick has assisted me in developing two feature thrillers. His feedback was both insightful and invaluable. He clearly takes the time to properly read the script and gets to understand the writer's voice. The reports provide carefully considered criticism and advice whilst boosting confidence in the areas that work well."


- Tobias Tobbell - Two Bells Films


"Brilliant. Nick's insight was invaluable. He is a script consultant and screenwriter who really knows how to bring a script to life."


- Susan Fox


"Nick is both a thoughtful writer and a professional one. I fully endorse both his talent, knowledge, and his approach to his work."


- Kurt Otto Peterson - Lamplight Cinema



"Superb script notes. Much needed grounding. Couldn't have improved my spec with Nick's honest, yet constructive notes. Highly recommended. You will not regret it."

- Stephen Manwaring (screenwriter: Dead by Monday)

"I hired Nick recently to cover a screenplay I had written. I made the right choice. As a script consultant, Nick is a seasoned pro. Though English, he proved sensitive to American dialect and colloquialisms. Aside from his critique of the technical aspects of my screenwriting, I found him to be most generous in offering ways by which to improve my script. Yes, Nick was quick to flag up my shortcomings as a screenwriter; but if, like me, you appreciate people who get to the point quickly, you’ll be glad of Nick’s honesty and directness. Thankfully Nick gives credit where credit is due, too.

What I found most useful (and have rarely received from other so-called script coverage writers) is that Nick immediately dives deep into the work at the report/coverage level, and zeros in on problem aspects and areas of the work both in general and specific terms. Then, and this is the best part of Nick, he offers ways to resolve the problems. He clearly knows how to ‘see’ a screenplay, and knows make a scene, an act or an entire script work better. He passes this insight along generously. I found this an atypical yet welcome approach to coverage, and plan on using Nick in the future."

- Ralph Potente (screenwriter)


"Nick is one of the UK's most imaginative, skilled and amazingly sensitive screenwriting talents. I can't thank him enough for taking my book  "How to Trap a Starfish" to the next level through the process of adaptation. Sincere thanks for your imagination, intelligent use of plot line, and most crucially your ability to tease out my work's core dramatic moments for screen.”

- Marie-Ann McLoughlin Dwyer: Writer/Producer, Breezy Point Films. 



"Nick developed our concept and created a story that expounded it in an amazingly sensitive way. He exceeded our expectations. It was an honour to work with him. We would like to thank Nick very much for all the effort and dedication he put into writing our feature film screenplay. We will continue working with him whenever possible."

- Ahmed Jumaa Alhosani. Chairman, Reaya Investment LLC - UAE





My screenwriting and feature and TV film script consultancy services include: film screenplay writing; film script development; film screenplay polishing; film script doctoring; film script reporting/analysis; film treatment writing; screenplay adaptations; stageplay to screenplay adaptations; short film script writing

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