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Screenwriting mentoring

'Screenwriting can't be taught, but it can be learnt.'

While a screenwriting teacher or mentor can give a screenwriting student the basics (and more), it's up to the screenwriting student to practice those skills until they become instinctive -- until they become a kind of 'screenwriting muscle memory'. Now, the screenwriter can write a script intuitively, without having to consciously apply all that good stuff that screenwriting teachers try to teach. It's subtle.

I know that when an aspiring screenwriter or film script writing student reads something like John Truby's 'The Anatomy of Story' or Robert McKee's 'Story', it can seem very complicated. And that can be discouraging. I can help you through the minefield of what people like this teach, and help you apply it to your screenwriting.


In truth, it isn't that complicated. But you must have been born to write film scripts. You must have a natural aptitude for storytelling. And the willingness to work hard.  

To find out how my screenwriting mentoring works and how much it will cost, get in touch. I can take you from beginner through to capable screenwriter. Talk soon then.











My professional screenwriting and feature and TV film script consultancy services include: film screenplay writing; film script development; film script polishing; film script doctoring; film script reporting/analysis; film treatment writing; screenplay adaptations; stageplay to screenplay adaptations; short film script writing; screenwriting mentoring

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