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Film script polishing

My film and TV script polishing services will transform the format, grammar, dialogue, and action text your screenplay. If I feel there are deeper issues with concept, story and structure I'll tell you. A deeper script doctoring may then be the answer. If your screenplay just needs a nip and tuck, however, script polishing is the answer.


Get in touch to find out all about my film or TV script polishing services, or to see screenplays that I have been hired to polish. My script polishing rates are very reasonable. A better feature film or TV screenplay will be the result. I can prove it.




My professional screenwriting and feature and TV film script consultancy services include: film screenplay writing; film script development; film script polishing; film script doctoring; film script reporting/analysis; film treatment writing; screenplay adaptations; stageplay to screenplay adaptations; short film script writing; screenwriting mentoring

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