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Script pitching documents

So you've written your screenplay. Or you've hired me to write one for you. Now you need film script pitching documents to send to prospective film producers, film directors, film financiers, sales agents, actors or talent agents so you can introduce your project to them. In the first instance you will need a short sharp hook: a one-pager that contains a pitch, screenplay concept, genre, script logline, budget - and of course a short synopsis.


Here's an example of what I mean. Feel free to download it. You'll see that the document contains enough to present your screenplay idea at a glance. It's a page long. That's ideal. If someone shows an interest in your screenplay based on this one-pager, you should have a longer synopsis on hand to send to them. Beyond this, you might want to have a full treatment available to send out. After that will tend to come the screenplay itself. 

It's useful if you have what's called a look-book or brochure, too (though these tend to pertain to packaged screenplays). A look-book will tend to be about as long as a film treatment. A look-book will convey a sense of your screenplay project with words and images. It will also detail attachments - actors, producers and your director etc.


I can help with everything from a one page screenplay hook document as above, to a longer script synopsis, a film script treatment, or a packaged film project look-book. Get in touch to find out more, or to hire me to create pitching documents for you.

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