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I'm Nick Green - a professional screenwriter and film script consultant.
As a screenwriter for hire I've written, rewritten, doctored or adapted more than 60 feature and VOD scripts for film producers, film directors, film financiers, and individuals - globally.
Commission me to write a film or TV/VOD script, polish a film screenplay, edit a screenplay, doctor a film screenplay, or analyse your feature film script, short film script, or TV/VOD screenplay. You'll get a lot of screenwriting buck for your bang. And zero ego.
My feature film script and VOD screenwriting and script consultation services include:
Screenwriting commissions - For a fee that suits us both I can write your film or TV/VOD screenplay from an idea, or from your film or TV/VOD treatment or synopsis
Film script development - Commission me to develop your film or TV/VOD screenplay according to your cinematic vision and objective film industry imperatives
Film script polishing - Commission me to make your film or TV/VOD script shine
Film script doctoring - There's a problem with your film script; hire me to fix it
Film script reporting/coverage - I've covered more than 190 packaged and unpacked film screenplays for film financiers, feature film producers, film directors, and film and TV/VOD screenwriters - some of them Oscar winners. Hire me to provide notes on your film or TV/VOD script. I offer objective criticism AND ways your screenplay can be improved. Most script coverage only highlights script problems - not ways to fix them. I do both.
Screenplay adaptations - Adaptation is a screenwriting discipline that I enjoy. It's a very specific screenwriting skill. Elements of the adapted material sometimes need to be moulded or even omitted to fit the screenplay form. It depends how adaptable the source material is. Hire me to adapt your book to the screen and (while keeping you informed of my thoughts re the book-to-screen adaptation requirements) I'll establish the book's essence and carry it across into screenplay structure in a way that preserves - even amplifies - what makes the book you want to have adapted special.  
Screenplay to stageplay or stageplay to screenplay adaptations - I've been hired to adapt screenplays to the stage, and have written several stage plays. To find out more about my screen to stage or stage to screen adaptation services, please get in touch
Script pitching documents - you'll need pitching documents that you can send out to test the waters with your screenplay, and attract attention. I have been hired to write dozens of pitching sheets - one page and longer. My pitching documents detail the screenplay's genre, length, pitch line, logline, and short synopsis. Ask to see commissioned screenplay pitching document examples - or hire me to create screenplay pitching documents for you.
Script pitch decks: these are basically pitching documents but with images. You'll need good pitch decks you can send out to test the waters with your screenplay, and attract attention. I've written dozens of script pitching documents and pitch decks. Ask for more info.
Short film script writing - I've written dozens and had many produced.
Feature film or TV script treatment writing. What is a film script treatment? What makes a good screenplay treatment? Opinions differ. I can give you my thoughts. Ask me to share sample film screenplay and/or TV script treatments that I've been hired to write. That way you'll know what you'll be getting if you hire me to write a film or VOD script treatment for you. If you have specific ideas about what you want your film or TV screenplay treatment to look like and do, let me know. That's what I'll write for you if you commission me.
Screenplay beat-sheet creation: I can present your film or TV/VOD screenplay in beat-sheet form. What is a beat? It's the moment when reality refutes agenda or expectation. Your film screenplay should have clearly defined script beats that map the plot of your story/plot. I can point them out, providing substance for discussion with a view to script development. 
Conversion of your film screenplay or TV/VOD script from Word, Celtex or FadeIn screenwriting software into Final Draft. Ask to find out more.
Screenwriting to a budget. Screenplays should always be written with the film budget in mind. Most film producers and certainly film investors are looking for a good return on investment. The film script plays a very large role in that return on investment. Screenplays are business plans. If the budget is large and you know that, you can write a screenplay that prescribes a big budget film; but you shouldn't do that if you aren't screenwriting to an agreed budget. I can edit your screenplay to bring the film budget down, while improving the script's dramatic impact. This will involve relocating some scenes so that they can be shot in ways that are less expensive, or omitting scenes that are essentially redundant. Whatever I do, I will improve your screenplay in a way that suggests a better return on investment for film producers and film investors. 
Scripts for sale or option: I have several screenplays (all commissioned) for sale or option. So if you are a film producer looking for film screenplays to buy or option, click here to download a PDF with details of the film scripts that I have available for purchase or option.  
Get in touch to discuss your screenwriting or film script consultancy requirements, or to ask to see sample commissioned screenplays, stage plays or film script reports.
Tel/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram: GB + 44 07973 698736
Film screenwriting and script consultancy CV/resume (PDF download)
Corporate script writing and general copywriting
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My professional screenwriting and feature and TV film script consultancy services include: film screenplay writing; film script development; film script polishing; film script doctoring; film script reporting/analysis; film treatment writing; screenplay adaptations; stageplay to screenplay adaptations; short film script writing; screenwriting mentoring
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