Another sample script report

‘TITLE’ Script report by Nick Green The premise of this script is ruthlessly original. The script’s surreal opening grabs and engages the reader with humour and imagery that promises much. Though the script gets perilously close to a seen it before, post LOCK STOCK and LAYER CAKE east end milieu in its middle third, things are more than rescued by a take-no-prisoners-plot that says: you’ve never seen this before and you’ll never see it again. Played out in a reversed timeline against the backdrop of Tony Blair’s journey from new hope to old rope, the premise of this script is well set up and developed. It’s as satisfactory as it is surprising. Though the reader has to work to remain focussed

A sample script report

I'm often asked for sample script reports by potential script consultation clients. Script consultation clients need to know what they can expect before they commission me to write them a script report. So here is a sample feature film script report from a while back. ----------------------------------------------- TITLE Written by Name Script report by Nick Green Q: Does the world need another wide boy heist film? A: Yes, if it’s well done. This screenplay combines elements from various, familiar Costa del Cockney films and a rich heritage of British heist movies to present a cinematic hybrid that has a core market. A familiar concept, however, means that the film must comprise a fresh stru

Mission Impossible: Fallout

We know what we hope for when we go to see another film in the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible franchise. And we know what we want. We want impossible. Impossible stunts. Impossible tension. Impossible plot reversals. Impossible deceptions. In Mission: Impossible – Fallout we get it all, and much more. We also get a soundscape that turns the familiar Mission Impossible theme tune into a powerful motif - a brand, if you like - that you (if you’re me) just want to keep on hearing. The music made me stay until the credits ended. I allowed myself to become addicted to this all-powerful musical motif and every giant drum beat. The Chris who directed MI Fallout so well knows what the other Chris kno

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