I covered (assessed/wrote a script report) a sci-fi screenplay for a film financier a few years ago. The screenplay was produced and released as REPLICAS (2018), and starred Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve. My overview of the script then was: ‘The quality of the screenwriting is undermined by issues with the concept, and genre confusion. Attempts to suspend disbelief are threatened because the script is neither full-on Obi-Wan sci-fi fantasy, nor dramatic ‘reality’; it’s somewhere in between. Flip buddy movie dialogue sits uneasily alongside the tragedy of a man losing his family; and so despite skilled efforts to inspire empathy, the emotional punch of the script is diluted. Concerns over audien


You may have noticed. Blind predators are rare, and for good reason. Sight is the dominant sense, and for good reason: it’s the most useful of the senses. There are no effective land predators that are blind. The monsters in ‘A Quiet Place’ are, presumably, blind. At least they seem to rely almost entirely on their hearing. They even seem to be unable to smell prey when it’s in front of them. So how well would a predator like the monsters in A Quiet Place fare against the US military? Right. But let’s get to other stuff first. Dialogue is certainly a last resort in good film and TV screenplays (though it’s to some degree film genre dependent). Less chat is more meaning. It’s obvious. A Quiet

Endgame for cinema (to be avoided)–-they-are-formulaic-fairground-rides-not-cinema/ar-AAIzKYi?li=BBoPWjQ In this I think Martin Scorsese is correct. The Marvel/DC comic based films and similar CGI heavy franchise movies are, as argued by some, all part of the demise of creative quality and subtlety in our world. Let's fight back.

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