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Bad baddie cliches

'Hollywood’s obsession with hiding people’s imperfections borders on the ridiculous'

'Borders'? The use of cliché to get the message across in high budget films is without borders. It's an insult to the film makers and the film audience. Not a 'Hollywood' film, per se, but I reference 'Skyfall' (2012), in which Bond's nemesis 'Silva (Javier Bardem) isn't just scarred: his face is part prosthetic - the result of an altercation when he was, wait for it, an MI6 agent, just like Bond.


Silva comes complete with dyed blond maniac hair, and demonic cackles. Oh, and the tendency to ramble on when he has Bond at his mercy, thus allowing Bond's back-up to arrive. And then there's his ability to break out of a high security reinforced glass box and take out armed, highly trained guards with his bare hands.


We mortals who don't get to make high profile franchise films must work harder than those lucky enough to do so. We must try to be original and ingenious. So let's try to keep the great art of story-telling in film alive with our talent and our creative courage. Long live Billy Wilder.

We salute you, sir.

Happy screenwriting.

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