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Film script mentoring

I often get requests from screenwriters early in their career for film script mentoring (aka screenwriting tuition). I've therefore launched a Screenwriting Mentoring service, which you can find our more about here, or by contacting me directly.

I think some screenwriting mentoring and tutoring can ask the screenwriting student to take on too much too quickly. The student can thereby become somewhat confused, and feel overloaded. This can be discouraging.

So if you hire me to mentor you, I won't ask you to sit in a classroom over a long, hot weekend, or plough through a book on screenwriting. I'll read your film script (if you've written one) and give you notes. We will discuss those notes in person if you are in or near London, or via Skype, phone, or email. You can then, should you wish, write another draft of your screenplay, which you can then resubmit to me. The process will be repeated.

Over several iterations and subsequent notes and discussions, I will help you to refine and develop your screenwriting until you are ready to go to market with your film script, or try to get a literary agent with it.

The process will be detailed, frank, and fun.

Get in touch if you wish to engage me to mentor you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy screenwriting.

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