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How to Approach a Talent Manager

Tough one, right? Getting a screenwriting agent, or a screenwriter manager. You make all those screenplay submissions, and what happens? Right. Getting an agent or a manager as a screenwriter can seem like catching a rainbow. Even if you do, there may not be a pot of film gold at the end of it.

But getting repped as a screenwriter is, of course, possible. Most pro screenwriters have agents or managers. So how did they get them? How did they take their screenwrting careers up a level?

John Zaozirny is a screenwriter manager working today in the film business. He's been there and done that. What he has to say about getting repped as a screenwriter is worth listening to.

So do listen to this. The more you know about your world as a screenwriter, the better. That doesn't just mean learning how to write amazing screenplays. It means knowing how to get those screenplays to market after you've written them. Because only that will take your screenwriting career forward.

Happy screenwriting.


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