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I want to shout out Moviedome UK - a recent free-to-view discovery for me on YouTube at Legit and legal, Moviedome UK enables film lovers to watch a variety of films - both archive and modern. Advertising on the channel is not as heavy handed as it is everywhere else - especially on the IMDb YouTube free-to-view film chanel.

I have discovered the underestimated SON OF A GUN (2014), the impressive (UNINHABITED (2010) and the noir oddity THE CHASE (1946) since finding Moverdome UK a couple of days ago. I have just subscribed to the channel. I recommend you do too, if you love films, which as a screenwriter you must: passion is an integral part of screenwriting; all else is natural aptitude and hard work. This is not a paid plug. Just saying. Well done Moverdome UK.

Happy screenwriting.

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