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Not being a machine, I wrote ...

‘In the world of film and television, screenwriters play a crucial role in bringing stories to life. Their writing and storytelling expertise in crafting compelling narratives and engaging screenplay dialogue can make or break a film. And even the most talented screenwriters outsource script editors and script doctors to polish their scripts.

Obviously, screenwriters often collaborate with script editors.

Script editors provide feedback and guidance throughout the screenwriting process. Screenwriting professionals help refine film story structure, screenplay character development, and screenplays. This can help the screenplay edge towards production. Or not. By working with we script editors, screenwriters at all levels can elevate their film storytelling abilities, and create film scripts that rock.

When faced with tight script commission deadlines, many screenwriters turn to script doctors or script polishers for assistance. These screenwriting experts fine-tuning existing film scripts by enhancing script dialogue, improving script plot coherence, or coming up with fresh ideas.

There are online platforms where filmmakers can find professional UK script consultants for hire. This is one. These film industry experts offer screenwriting guidance while leveraging their extensive knowledge of screenwriting conventions and industry trends. And we curse a lot.

As we plunge into the digital age, can human creativity and AI (see – cursing again) work together and find a place in the future of screenwriting. Allegedly, ‘by collaboration with AI script editors and seeking guidance from AI script consultants when needed - and harnessing AI-powered tools for insights-driven writing decisions – today's screenwriters can continue to excel in their craft while delivering captivating stories for the screen.’

Did you spot the AI written ... erm ... writing?

If you use AI to write screenplays for you, you’ll end up with screenplays that are as robotic and sanitised as the above article, which I got AI to write, and then humanised. But really?

Screenwriting is all about being human.

The end.

But ... let’s do it again. I will ask AI to write another screenwriting blog. Same keywords etc.

‘In the world of film and television, screenwriters play a crucial role in bringing stories to life. They are the masterminds behind captivating dialogues, compelling characters, and engaging plotlines. However, even the most talented screenwriters sometimes need assistance to refine their scripts and take them to the next level.

This is where pro script editors and script doctors come into play.

Script editors and script doctors specialize in analysing and improving screenplays. They have a keen eye for screenplay structure, pacing, film character development, and film dialogue. By providing valuable feedback and suggestions, they help screenwriters polish their scripts and make them more marketable.

If you're a screenwriter at any stage of your screenwriting career, and you are looking for expert screenwriting guidance or a film script polish, hiring a professional screenwriter can be immensely beneficial. Pro script consultants offer their expertise to both aspiring writers and seasoned professionals alike. With their deep understanding of the industry's standards and trends, they can help elevate your screenplay to its full potential.

Screenwriting experts not only provide valuable insights but also offer constructive criticism that can push your script towards success. Whether you're working on a feature film or a television series, collaborating with an experienced screenwriter can make all the difference in capturing the attention of producers and audiences alike.

So if you're ready to take your screenplay to new heights, consider enlisting the services of a skilled screenwriter for hire or reaching out to UK script consultants who are well-versed in all aspects of screenwriting. With their expertise by your side, you'll be one step closer to turning your vision into an unforgettable cinematic experience.’

Blah and blah, right? Mechanical and dull.

A person would never come up with something this polished, and … similar. Dull. Bland. It's the sheer variety in creative human thought that is our last stand against AI, which cannot, for now, emulate human caprice, and flawed variety. Thanks be.

So if you want to get it write, screenwriters … make mistakes and make more mistakes.

And learn from them.

The actual end.


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