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As we all know, screenplays need a great concept that meets the needs of the current broadcasting market. You screenplay will, of course, need to marry that script concept to the right film genre. On page, your screenplay must employ enough formula to have general and instinctive appeal to film audiences without seeming overly formulaic. A strong yet perhaps innovative structure must arise out of the plot, which is itself a manifestation of the story.

Along with these screenplay imperatives and of equal importance is a hook for the busy reader and impartial audience that creates buy-in during the early stages of the film story. That hook will be the concept and design – what John Truby calls the designing concept; but for the reader, the 1st ten pages must be a hook of a different sort: one that makes the reader want to read on, and the audience to keep watching. Does your screenplay have such a hook?

As an experienced script consultant with 100s of script coverage assignments under my belt for screenwriters, film producers, film directors, and film finance companies, I can tell you.

That’s why I am now offering a new deal on script coverage: feedback on the 1st ten pages of your screenplay for $20 (or equivalent in other currencies).

This is a remarkably small amount of money for some remarkably important knowledge. So get in touch to take me up on my offer while it lasts – and let’s see if your screenplay hook hooks.


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