Does it come in black?

Consider: how much better than the line 'So you're fast' would 'I knew it' be @ Why? 'So you're fast' is redundant dialogue because we've just seen that Barry Allen/The Flash is fast, so Bruce Wayne doesn't need to say it. The screenwriter shows and tells. Only showing was required. Telling as well slows everything down, and insults the intelligence of the audience at the same time. No dialogue at all from Bruce Wayne would have been good here. Just a reaction. Failing an informative silence and a reaction (that shows us something), if Bruce Wayne instead said 'I knew it' at this moment, that would tell us that he had heard of The Flash, that The F

All is not lost

I recently watched ALL IS LOST (2013). I had low expectations. Why? The title of a film can tell you a lot about the minds behind it (or the tendency of my mind, like all minds, to judge). Some film titles are plain clunky. Take DEEP IMPACT. Exactly. I thought this title was less than compelling. There were other reasons. CAST AWAY (2000) and LIFE OF PI illustrated the obvious: that it takes two to tango. Or three. Or four. Or more. Drama is emotion in action. Drama is a vital interaction between people whose characters and agendas to not align. This interaction will always be conflict of some form or other. The conversation with death requires no words. In CAST AWAY and LIFE OF PI, as in AL

The view from the front row

Essential to the failure – or shortcomings – of so many films is the quality of the film director or producer's influence on the film script. Some developmental film producers wield substantial power. Unless they have exceptional screenplay concept, story, plot and structure instincts, that can be a problem. A film director is the god of his or her universe. What the directors says, goes. And keeps on going. This authority extends to the film screenplay. But imagine for a moment the screenwriter interfering in a film’s direction. It’s unthinkable – and for good reason: it’s 100% absurd. It’s as absurd as the director making final decisions about the film script. The words ‘auteur’ and ‘autho

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